Mediated Divorce

Engage a neutral mediator to assist in resolving the matters at hand which offers privacy, flexibility, control, and ultimately, the outcome.

Neutral Mediation

While Illinois law requires all parties in a divorce or parentage action to mediate parenting issues, you can also agree to mediate your entire case — including financial issues. With mediation, you engage a neutral mediator to assist in resolving the matters at hand. The mediator facilitates a conversation between you and your spouse with the intent of reaching a global settlement, and ultimately avoiding court.

The attorney-assisted mediation model provides for attorneys to represent each party. The attorneys are present in the session to advise as to the law and provide legal assistance in helping reach an agreement. Mediation is voluntary, non-binding, and confidential.

Privacy, Flexibility, Control

Unlike litigation, mediation offers privacy, flexibility and — with the assistance of a neutral mediator — you have more control of the process, and ultimately the outcomes. Many worry that they don’t have the knowledge or support to effectively proceed with mediation, but with the assistance of a seasoned attorney like Michelle, you will have the resources you need.

She will engage the right team of experts from financial experts, to coaches, to counselors to ensure you feel informed, supported and confident throughout the entire process.