Practice Areas

Michelle has extensive experience in every practice area and facet of family law

Whatever your specific needs are, Michelle will expertly guide you through the process to achieve your goals.


Divorce is emotionally difficult, complex and often overwhelming. Whether a case is contested or uncontested, a divorce in Illinois may involve multiple facets including: division and allocation of assets and liabilities; child support; spousal support; decision-making responsibilities for the minor children (formerly known as custody); and parenting time (formerly known as visitation).

Prenuptial & Postnuptial

A client may want to execute agreements related to division of property and certain aspects of spousal support, among other issues, either prior to their marriage or during their marriage.

Michelle takes a proactive and cooperative approach when drafting such agreements so the process is seamless and aligned with her client’s needs and interests.


Litigation is a rigid, public process that can be financially and emotionally costly. In contrast, mediation is a more cost-effective approach that offers flexibility and confidentiality. Through mediation, parties can brainstorm creative solutions — which are often not available within the confines of the courtroom — to ultimately achieve better outcomes.